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Mogadishu: WAHA International revives Banadir Hospital

With the help of WAHA International, Banadir Hospital undergoes profound renovations and is reequiped to tackle maternal mortality and birth-related complications in Mogadishu.

WAHA International’s efforts to revitalize and refurbish Banadir Hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia have successfully taken root. Started only last year, the program has already made profound advancements in facility renovations, personnel training, and access to medical supplies.

A once populous and productive hospital, Banadir rapidly declined following the onset of civil war in 1991. Located in the heart of the city, it is the largest maternal and child healthcare referral hospital in Somalia. In partnership with UNFPA, WAHA International is working to restore Banadir’s medical services.

Renovations transformed previously dilapidated rooms into a full-functioning 60-bed fistula department, where 43 fistula patients have already been operated on. Renovations are also underway for a maternity and labor ward.Walls were painted and tiles fixed inside the newly finished fistula center in Banadir Hospital

Dr. Eric Otieno, WAHA’s medical coordinator in Somalia, and Dr. Jean de Dieu Foma Yunga hold advanced training and refresher courses as the hospital continues to receive shipments of medical supplies. Midwives, doctors, nurses, and trainees can be found eagerly jotting down notes in the teaching rooms as projectors display charts and graphs across the multicolored walls. Presentation topics include partographs, newborn resuscitation, episiotomy and vacuum extraction.

After a recent donation of medical equipment by American Refugee Committee, Dr. Otieno demonstrated how to use oxygen concentrators and patient monitors to a full audience.

As internal conflict plagues Somalia, access to proper healthcare has become harder to secure. Famine, drought, and war have displaced thousands of Somalians. As a result, maternal mortality rates have sky-rocketed, making Mogadishu one of the world’s most dangerous and impoverished places to give birth.

Despite these onerous obstacles, WAHA’s mission in Somalia is flourishing. The recent developments at Banadir Hospital have ushered in a new era of sustainability in Somalian healthcare, and progress continues to be made.

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