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Sudan: 72 patients with obstetric fistula treated in Khartoum.

Dr Abbo's Fistula Center and Urogynaecology Center in Khartoum, Sudan

From January to March 2012, 72 women were treated at Dr Abbo’s National Fistula and Urogynaecology Center in Khartoum.


Chad: Meet Micheline, obstetric fistula patient turned nursing aid

Micheline in the fistula ward

Since 2011 WAHA International has been supporting the Centre for Reproductive Health and Fistula Repair in Chad where Micheline works .


Tanzania: WAHA supports fistula surgery for women in Sumbawanga

Dr Raassen and Dr Mahendeka with their patients

In total 40 women were operated by Dr Tom Raassen and Dr Marietta Mahendeka


Somalia: An increasing number of women needing critical care go to our marternity in Mogadishu

One of our nurses chating with a patient recovering from a C-section

Since January 2012 activities have constantly been on the increase in the maternity. 200 women delivered their babies there in May.